Need guidance? We are the credentialed security experts who authored the Florida-only security training manual in use in over 25 State-Licensed Security Guard Schools.


Want security from within? We are crime prevention, martial art and firearm instructors. Although we specialize in women and seniors training and strategies we also trained over 500 Instructors, many with military or police background. 


Our security & investigative professionals can protect you 24/7 from patrol vehicles connected to Fernandina's only real-time VIDEO monitoring station. 

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“I wish to personally thank you for voluntarily providing assistance to our officers as they investigated an assault.”

"You assisted law enforcement by locating and returning one individual to the scene. As a result of your involvement our officers were able to locate and identify the original suspect as well as other participants". 

James T. Hurley
Chief of Police, Fernandina Beach

’Observe and Report’ is a Spectator Sport, ‘Protection’ is Playing the Game

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​While this site is dedicated to security and investigations, Safe N Secure offers a number of other services . 

Assault Leads to Standoff in Nassau

​Assault in Fernandina Beach Walmart leaves two people dead after standoff in nearby subdivision. 


Private Security Agency license # B1400028

Private investigator Agency license # A1400210

Security Guard Training School license # DS140008


Self-Defense Instructor, KODIAK LPS (Life Protection System)

NRA Instructor /Training Counselor (Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Personal Protection and more) # 13626445


ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Assocition.

POI (Private Officer International)



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Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” A. Sauders .

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